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What Do I Want to Sew?

I love sewing and I love wearing what I sew. A big achievement for me is when an item I’ve made fits into rotation of what I wear. So I’m going to challenge myself so only sew things that are worthwhile in that I shall wear them regularly. To do this I skimmed Colette’s Wardrobe Architect, and chose to set myself the goal of visualising a ‘capsule wardrobe’.

So, to start I decided to look into my wardrobe and the items I wear often. These are skinny jeans, skirts with tights, t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts, cardigans, short skirts either pencil or circle. I also wear a lot of high ish waisted skirts with loose floaty tops tucked in.

I like wearing tshirts and the like tucked into flared skirts.

Aside from the fact that I’m clearly always cold, what stands out to me is that I like slim fitting clothes and emphasising my waist. My favourite circle skirt always has a shirt/tshirt tucked into it. I prefer short skirts to midi and maxi skirt lengths. I also dislike high-necked tops, preferring a v-neck or scoop neck. I hate sleeves that go below my elbow: I can’t stand things around my forearms! To me what this means is that vintage patterns are not for me, there’s simply too much alteration that needs to be done.

Photo 2
Worn with my Bellatrix Blazer, I like floaty tops and skinny jeans.


Potential Patterns

Gertie’s high waisted pencil skirt
I’m currently in the middle of making this skirt out of a stretch synthetic material in black, after some issues with the waistband fit I think I need to spend a bit of time working on the waistband. I’ve shortened the skirt and although it’s still a bit longer than what I’d usually wear but the tightness should make me feel ‘me’.

Draft 2.png
I badly sketched out a few patterns I like and put them into ideas of how I’d wear them in.

Tulip Skirt

I love the shape of this skirt, the shape is a bit looser than what I’m used to but the short skirt and pockets (pockets!) look perfect for me. I even have the fabric chosen for it, it’s the stiff poly I used for my first Bellatrix blazer, I may have to interface and underline for it to stand out the way it should.

Slim trousers
I’ve a Burda pattern for slim leg trousers that I plan to make, I’ve already done the toile. The other pattern that fits here is Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans I love the high-waisted option, I’ve jeans just like it that I want multiple pairs of.

Grainville Shirt/Archer Shirt/Gertie’s 40s Blouse/Méilot Shirt
I’m on the fence over these shirts, they should fit in with my general shapes but I’m not sure. I’ve made Gertie’s blouse but because I never iron I haven’t worn it in six months…I’d love a loose-fitting white shirt that I can tuck into high-waisted skirts but I don’t think it really fits into my lifestyle.

Loose Top

I like loose-fitting tops and I wear them regularly with jeans or tucked into skirts. I have a bias cut pattern that fits this but its sleeveless so I’ll also have to continue to find a pattern that matches my requirements but with sleeves. I love the look of Tilly’s Mathilde blouse but I’m a little on the fence about it due to its high neckline. This pattern I also love but it may be a bit twee for me.

Check how I actually did six months later!



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