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A More Successful Holiday Make

Again for my north African holiday I made a simple dirndle skirt, this uses no pattern and is perfect for beginners. I made it using two remnants sewn together then gathered, with a waistband, an invisible zip and a deep hem. The fabric is a lovely grey with white dots, I think it’s cotton although it wasn’t labeled.

Gathered skirt
The final skirt, despite its faults I love it.

I wasn’t super enthused about this skirt at first. I started by making most of it using one of the ‘coupons’ I bought at the Utrecht Fabric Market, but I really wasn’t wild about it. When I looked at pictures on the internet, in particular Gertie’s skirt, I realised it was because it wasn’t gathered enough, so I undid all of my stitching sewed two pieces together then gathered. Because there was so much gathering involved I took out a ruffler foot, that isn’t really mine and I never use, and tested it out. I didn’t use it because I wasn’t bothered to properly measure out how many ruffles I should have for the length of fabric to properly fit my waist and I could see disaster ahead. So I gathered it by hand, it took a while to get the gathers even but I was pleased with the result.


I then attached a wide waistband, understitched it and realised it was all a little too wide for me. I wasn’t too worried, I simply trimmed the sides and attached the zip and interfaced the waistband. I then added a deep hem. I’d rather it be too wide rather than too narrow.

Gathered Skirt waist
There’s a lot of space at the waistband!

This skirt is far from perfect, there’s some puckering along one of the side seams and a little in the hem also because of this. I blame this completely on my utter lack of a pattern and in my rush to get it finished, my lack of attention. Also, the waistband is still a little wide, although it still says up easily. I thought this would be an asset in the heat, but it meant that the zip caused a bit of drag meaning it didn’t hang even. I’ll fix that by taking out the zip and re-insert it. I don’t think it’s because the zip is too heavy, as the cotton is sturdy enough. The zip is also badly sewn in, it’s clearly something I need to work on.

Gathered back


Honestly? I love this skirt, for less than €10 I’ve a skirt that’s perfect for my holiday that I don’t hate. That’s actually a tall order as I don’t like maxi skirts and the typical midi skirts are a little too long for me. This skirt though is perfect, it’s also dotted which I love. In the scorching heat (above 40 degrees) this skirt was amazing, it was long and floaty so it kept me protected well. So overall it was a quick, easy and rather successful make! It was a well deserved ‘win’ after the mess of my tulle skirt.

So what do you think? Have you every sewn something in a rush for a holiday and settled for less than perfect?




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  1. Your skirt is fab, I have a similar one, From Tilly and buttons book, it’s in the cupboard as too big but I loved wearing it, seeing yours has made me want to get it out and alter it so I can wear it again. Thank you


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