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Free Pattern Alert!

This is a very quick blog post about something that excites me…a free pattern that’s actually nice! Tilly and the Button’s Mathilde blouse has caught my eye for a while, but I’ve held off buying it because I wasn’t sure,  but now I have it…for free!

Love Sewing Magazine regularly gives out quite good patterns for free (more on this to come, there’s something currently on my sewing table!) and now one of their patterns is the Mathilde blouse, or the Button Back Blouse. I’m not sure how long it will be available for (perhaps forever?), so if it interests you head on over and download it. You do have to give your email address and name, but I’ve never received emails from them so it’s not an issue.

Happy Sewing!


7 thoughts on “Free Pattern Alert!

  1. I am excited about this! It doesn’t seem to have the tucks like Mathilde but that is OK by me! Any tips on choosing a size? I’m not from the UK and the sizing baffles me without finished garment measurements >.<


    1. I haven’t made it up yet myself, but I plan to.
      Regarding UK sizing, 12 would be a medium and in my experince about a 6 in US sizing, if anybody knows this better please jump in.
      I’ve every intention of sewing this up in the next few weeks, so I’ll mention my sizing., I plan on making a 10/12 maybe a 10 with a FBA, I’ve a 35 inch chest and a 27 inch waist if that helps at all?


      1. I was considering sewing an 8 (I typically wear a 2 in “Tilly sizing.” Now I’m wondering if the 8 is more like her 1, and I should sew a 10? Does that make sense?


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