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Gertie’s Knit Tee, My TNT

I imagine everyone has a pattern like this, a go to pattern, the pattern you sew the most because you wear its make the most. For me this is a fitted stretch top with a scoop neck and three-quarter sleeves. I think I’ve made this five times now in various jerseys, and when ever I’m fabric shopping I’m always on the look out for some new jersey.


While I like looking nice, no matter how nice something is I won’t ever really wear it if it’s uncomfortable (then I feel guilty about waste), jersey is perfect in this regard as it is so comfortable, it can be very fitted without compromising on comfort in a way wovens simply can’t. Since I like tight clothes it makes sense that jersey and I have a loving relationship.

Apologies for the cat hair…but, well it’s in the blog name!

The pattern is Gertie’s Knit Sweetheart top from her second book (and probably the only pattern I’ve really used), I omit the pleaty thing at the front and use the three-quarter sleeves. This pattern is great and very simple, I sew the sleeves and side seams all in one. The only tricky part in attaching the neck-band. Because the band is shorter than the neckline it’s a bit fiddly with all the stretch, but not impossible. That said, it’s a coin toss as to whether I get it right or not as it depends on the stretch of the fabric.

The neck band is a little loose and wrinkles…

With the whale top above, my issue was that the fabric had very little stretch. While that’s great in that it feels sturdy and won’t stretch out of shape it meant that I struggled trying to figure out how much negative ease was needed for the band. Clearly I should have used more!

There’s not a huge amount else to say about this pattern, the construction is relatively easy and I’m glad I have the pattern. Would I have bought the book just for this pattern? No, it’s great and a wonderful addition to the book, but t-shirt patterns are easy to find. This pattern does fill and important gap in my wardrobe, comfortable and fitted and does get worn a lot. Yay for knits!

*These are all pictures from my OWOP experience in September.



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