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One Week One Pattern


You may have seen this years One Week One Pattern (OWOP), where people use clothes from the same pattern for seven days. I though this would be a fun way of wearing something I’ve made every day and actually using the instagram account I made.

I signed up for this ages ago and then completely forgot until I was reminded the night before. Thankfully, I’m nothing if not predictable and actually have seven (only six were shown) versions of the same pattern, Gertie’s knit top. So for a week I wore the same pattern, what did I learn and what did I think of it?

Well, firstly I learned how long my interest can last: six days! I learned that this top goes with both skirts and trousers and since I have patterned and plain versions I could match it with almost anything. It was easy making outfits for the (almost) week because of this.
But I did get bored. I like wearing loose, floaty and (dare I say it?) low-cut tops, and I didn’t. I missed the variety in my wardrobe. I also felt that I when wearing jeans I was casually dressed and I like using tops to ‘up the class’ of my outfit. I felt I couldn’t with this knit top.

Would I do this challenge again? Absolutely, it was great to see that without much effort I could wear something ‘me made’ nearly every day. Would I do it with  a different pattern? probably not, this is a hugely versatile pattern and I can’t imagine another one working as well for me.


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      1. Yes please! I can’t WAIT to see them soon! Love animal prints (it’s funny, when I mention that to my non sewing friends, they think it’s so not my character, then I realised animal prints in mainstream media refers to snakeskin, leopard spots etc when I meant repeating images of animals on the fabric)!


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