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Off-Shoulder Knit Top

Wide Neck.jpg

A while back I bought some thick knitted fabric that looked perfect for the winter. It even had a fleecy lining! I wasn’t sure what it would become, which is unusual for me, I normally plan then buy, but I was confident that it would be used. I was right. September is always ‘back to school’ month for me, and I always tend to see it as a fresh start. Part of this involves imaging myself looking effortlessly wonderful (dear reader this will remain a fantasy, this is not a look I can actually achieve!) and this year round I pictured myself wearing an off-shoulder loose top with skinny jeans. And so this fabric was put to use.


For the first time ever I decided to sort of draft a pattern myself. I say sort of because I loosely traced off  another top I have and then I altered it by making the back narrower, the front shorter and the neckline wider. Looking at all that I realise I did no drafting at all!


This project would have been quick but I started it just before my Safran pattern arrived in the post, it was a friday and I was sure it wouldn’t arrive until the monday. So I started this top. Then I left it a week and a half until my Safran was finished. I had stitched in the side seams and sleeves first with my sewing machine then with my serger. All I had left was to hem and the neckline binding. After a week of rest those tasks were quick and easy.

This was one of my first attempts using my serger and I accidentally took a chunk out of the underarm. So I just used my sewing machine to fix it. I’m still too terrified to go back and finish off the rest of the seam allowances!

This fabric is incredible: it’s so warm, soft and comfortable. I actually wore this top unfinished around the house for a week as it was so comfortable! I adore wearing this top, I love how wide the neckline is. It’s actually a little wider than I planned, but I like it.

If I can find similar fabric again I think I’ll make another version of this top, perhaps with a slightly narrower neckline as sadly I don’t have enough fabric for another. I’m pleased with this top as it is almost exactly as I imagined (and even more comfortable) and makes me feel wonderfully chic.