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Dove Top



A while back Katie wrote about her new Megan Nielsen Dove top, and I loved it. Katie’s choice of patterns really create this casually chic look I’ve admired and I love how elegantly casual she looked wearing her Dove top. So, I decided to invest in this pattern.

I did iron this before taking pictures…I swear!

The pattern comes with three sleeve options, the three-quarter length was the only one that appealed to me but I decided to forgo it. I decided to make my project a bit easier by not faffing about with sleeves just in case they wouldn’t be perfect. I then began my toile in a size small, this is a simple project but I wanted to practice the french darts.

Thank god I did.

Despite this top hiding it I do have a waist..!

It was a tent. I made a tent. I could hide several generations of cats under this top and nobody would be the wiser.

To be fair to the pattern I didn’t look properly at the ease on the pattern, but it was so, so shapeless. To fix this I took a cm out of the back and roughly an inch from each side seam. I also shortened the back ‘bib’ part, this is personal preference more than anything else.

By shortening the back I was left with this as the side seams, I actually like this. 

I then got to work on cutting my water, sorry silk. You can imagine just how easy that was. When I practiced the french darts I sewed one the ‘correct’ way and one the ‘normal’ way. I couldn’t see the difference so I stitched them as usual. The instructions were clear and fairly straight forward. I have to say, I’d never made a v-neck top before but it came together well so the pattern was well drafted.


I like the facings on the bottom, using them to hem is not a technique I’m familiar with but I liked it and I think I’ll it’s something I’d use again in the future. As I didn’t attach sleeves I finished them off with a bias facing.

I serged all the seams on the inside but I still need more practise with my serger!

This top was really a trial run for some lovely silk I’m looking forward to use. I’m glad I did, this top while wearable is not perfect. I’m not a perfectionist, far from it, but I can be tough on myself. The darts are not perfectly symmetrical and I need to work on using my serger, but I’m proud of this. The silk feels incredible against my skin and the colour of the silk is delightful. I actually bought a metre of this Paris for €10 a year ago. I put off using it because I so liked the colour, clearly this just means I must fo back to Paris soon! Now that I’ve adjusted the pattern I absolutely plan on using it again.