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Recent Fabric Haul

I unfortunately live in an area where sewing isn’t really popular. There are a couple of fabric shops but their fabric choices are very limited and pricey. This means that any trip abroad I make involves some kind of fabric shopping. I’ve always envied reading about people living near fabric shops and districts. I loathe the Parisians and those who live near Utrecht (basically of the Netherlands then!) out of sheer jealousy. But recently I’ve incredibly lucky on the fabric finding front.

Not all my fabrics but my only decent photo!

While recently in the Netherlands I came across an incredibly fabric shop. Of course I’ve no photos, name or address, but it was big…and near the Asian part of central Amsterdam…? Yes, I’m completely useless. Anyway, €30 later and I left with some denim for another pair of Safran jeans and a half meter of some lovely black knit for a skirt.

But the next day, was the highlight. It was Utrecht time, and I once again visited the wonderful outside fabric market. Because of the season, the fabrics were lovely and wintery. I didn’t buy any of that though, and instead focused on cheap, drapey wovens. But it was cold….so so cold. It was so cold that that after 30 minutes I couldn’t feel any fabric!

When I arrived home after my travels, there was a lovely package waiting for me. I had won Self Assembly Required’s contest a week earlier which involved Minerva generously sending me £50 worth of fabric! I have been so incredibly lucky as I also won a Lekala pattern, so I have many plans for the future. Watch this space!