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Sewing The Same Mistakes

Looking at what my model is wearing I’m hit with déja vu. The pattern is different as is the fabric but the same feeling is there. The feeling that I’ve rushed hrough this project and done a terrible job. Also, the feeling of “I fucking hate the fabric.”

bue front.jpg

Months back I started sewing this blouse from Burda. I didn’t have my walking foot and the fabric was being tricky, so I left it for a while. By the time I returned I realised that this would never be up to my standard and that I would never actually wear that fabric. So, it went into that pile.

brown front.jpg

More recently while out fabric shopping I fould some lovey, soft cheap floral fabric. “I don’t have any floral fabrc, and this is so lovely I should get some” I said to myself. I was even at the same market. Dear reader the writing was on the wall. I rushed though this, altering the pattern and taking shortcuts. The result could be a wearable toile, except I remember why I don’t buy florals: because I don’t wear them.


Maybe this is because it’s winter and come spring when florals are back in fashion again (Flowers for spring? Revolutionary) I’ll feel different. But until then, that pile has a new addition.

Does anyone else do this, get swayed by pretty fabric only to remember too late that they don’t even like florals/stripes/dancing elephants etc?


10 thoughts on “Sewing The Same Mistakes

  1. Been there, done that. I have some impossibly dainty liberty lawn, because we all love liberty lawn, right? Wrong. The fabric is delicious, but I need big and bold or monochrome – not dainty. So it’s lingering in a cupboard. Some became skirt lining for my daughter.


    1. Yeah, I always look a their fabrics but have the good sense not to buy it (unfortunately not this time!). Using them as linings is nice…something colourful without dominating…I shall do this in the future!


  2. Oh no, that’s such a bummer!! =/ And a fabric you realize after-the-fact that you don’t like PLUS mistakes that bother you is such a disappointment double-whammy, isn’t it? Hopefully the next project goes better!

    I am certainly guilty of buying fabric that doesn’t suit me–I specifically remember a mint green fabric with white bows on it; the bows were a few inches wide AND arranged in a stripe configuration. I have no idea what I was thinking!!! But I gave it to a friend who *can* pull it off, so it’s all good! =)


  3. That’s happened to me, too. If you’d like to wear florals but feel resistant, probably the way to go is to pair them with simple, minimalist designs or color-block them with solids. That way you bring them into your wardrobe more “on your terms” rather than on the fabrics’ 😉. Good luck! And sew something you know you’ll love, as a remedy.

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