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Did I Sew What I Wanted?

In one of my first blog posts I outlined my thinking and my plans for sewing, I thought it would be fun to see how my sewing since then reflected on that. As winter is officially here (I’m colder than usual and damp, this is a clear sign) I think now is the perfect time to look back and perhaps re-evaluate any goals.

A (badly) sketched out drawing my plans I had for sewing.

Six ish months ago a tulle skirt was something of a dream of mine. I made it, I wore it and I enjoyed it. But I don’t think it’ll get much wear in my day-to-day life. I’ll keep it though, I can imagine myself wearing some summer…perhaps!

Back View

The tulip skirt was another fantasy of mine. This one was more realistic. I blogged about it here and here. I’ve noticed that I haven’t worn these skirts since the weather changed, I think part of that is because I got used to wearing them in the sun. The other part is that with all the layers and jumpers I’m wearing the shape of the skirt makes me look a bit larger than I am! I will absolutely keep these skirts and I imagine myself using the pattern again.

The shirt front has been less successful. Back in July I started a shirt, planning on making a wearable toile. I never finished it. There were a few reasons for this, one I didn’t have my walking foot and the fabric was quite slippery. And two when I came back to it after a break I just wasn’t enthusiastic about it. actually I decided that I hated the fabric! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working on fixing this so fingers crossed by the end of the year I can say I did this!

I never made the trousers like I planned to because I could never quite find the right fabric. I did however, make two pairs of jeans! Deer and Doe’s safan pattern has become something of a favourite of mine. My first attempt didn’t really fit me, I mentioned that I was because I was too big for me, but really it was because the fabric had too much stretch and stretched out of shape quite quickly. My second attempt is here, there are still a few issues (like what are those crotch lines when I sit down?) but I’m quite pleased with my work.

Overall, I certainly tried to sew what I wanted, the biggest hits were the tulip skirts and the best fun wearing something was my tulle skirt.  I’m proud of my Safran jeans but there’s more work to be done there!


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