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The Long Awaited Méilot Shirt

Happy Sunday people! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

One of my last posts was about my attempts at making a shirt. The shirt. And at last I have it! It is far from perfect, there are mistakes, but I’m so pleased. I learned a lot and really am proud of this.

Meilot front.jpg
In hindsight the fabric is not quite as crease proof as I thought!

I changed the pattern slightly to mimic a RTW shirt I have and love (it’s my favourite thing ever, I wear it all the time). This involved sewing the front closed and stitching it down. This was done at the end so up until that I followed the instructions very closely.

Meilot front detail.jpg

I struggled with the sleeve plackets, as you can see they’re far from perfect but I’m pleased. They’re perfectly functional and I tend to wear my sleeves rolled up anyway. The instructions are lacking here, if you know how to sew a placket then it’s fine, but otherwise turn to the internet! I found this very helpful at guiding me on how to make a placket. I think in the future I’ll starch the placket so that it’ll be a bit easier to work with.

A close up of the placket (I can’t wait for sunshine and better photos), I really struggled with the placket, but I am pleased.

I opted not to use french seams, not really out of laziness but because my serger is still quite new to me and I like using it! I’m pleased with the insides of this shirt, they’re very neat but as always there’s room for improvement!

Meilot back.jpg
The back view of the shirt, the right placket is coming undone, so I need to fix that!

The pattern is amazing, Deer and Doe are incredible, all the notches match up and the overall shape of the shirt is beautifully flattering. I love how loose and flowly it is without being a tent. Again I’m really impressed by Deer and Doe.

In the end, despite the imperfections I’m happy with and proud of this shirt, I see many more in my future.



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