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Knit Skirts Two and Three


I’ve decided to combine two knit skirts into one post as the  they’re remakes and there’s not really enough to warrent a post each.

Back flower 2.jpg

The knit skirt I made has been a real hit. I love wearing it and it really goes with a a lot of what I wear, the only issue is getting enough appropriate fabric. . While at the knitting a stitching show I came across (on sale!) this stretch purple fabric. The colour is a little bit more out there than I’m used to. That said I think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone.

Flower Back.jpg

I sewed this skirt in a night and it went so much smoother than the last. I did it completelly on my overlocker and decided to leave the elastic showing at the top. I made the elastic slightly too big on the last skirt so I make it slightly smaller and cut it in half. Then I pinned and serged it to the top of my skirt. With right sides together I sewed the side seams. I found this way faster than leaving the elastic in one piece and I can still flip the elastic inside if I want. I will be using this method form now on.

Skirt Front black.jpg

I actually wore this the day after I finished it, a friend even commented that it was a brighter colour from what I usually wear! I like it, and because much of my wardrobe is neutrals it doesn’t really clash with anything…so yay!

black detail.jpg

Going back to my roots, I made another black skirt. This fabric is lovely and soft. I love the textured pattern. I only bought 50cm which was perfect for this skirt, especially as this fabric wasn’t cheap! That said, I’m curious as to who it will hold up over time: while sewing it frayed like crazy and already its showing signs of wear. Only time will tell…

The skirt came together much faster than before and much easier and I used the method outlined above. I did use a thicker elastic band which I think works better. I love it bacause it fits perfectly and fits in my wardrobe.

Overall, these are quick and useful additions to my wardrobe,they might actually be the simplest things I’ve ever sewn! Pending more fabric (I’m on something of a mission to use up my stash right now) I’ll make more!



4 thoughts on “Knit Skirts Two and Three

  1. Hooray for quick and wearable projects, especially when they can use up small pieces of fabric! Those “too small to cut something big but too big to throw away” remnants drive me nuts–I hate wasting pieces that size but skirts like these are a great solution.

    I really like both of your skirts, but we are totally fabric twins with the black textured knit soooo I’m a little biased. 😉 I made a dress out of mine but have enough left for a mini skirt…I may copy off of you!! I haven’t had trouble with mine not wearing well but I also haven’t had to wash it very frequently. Hopefully yours holds up and gives you lots of mileage–it’s really cute!

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  2. Lovely skirts, they look fab on and you can rock a mini (my legs need knee length) I like the elastic at the top and the funky fabric.

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