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Megan Nielson’s Dove Blouse in White

So, a while back I used up a beautifully coloured silk I had to make a Dove top. I’m sometimes a little afraid of sewing up some fabrics, afraid that I’ll regret using it and then it’ll be gone. I don’t imagine I’m the only one like this. Unfortunately this time I was right to be afraid.

Dove Wings.jpg
Look at the ‘wings’!

I was never wild about this top, for one, the interfacing is too heavy (despite being increadibly light) so the facings don’t really hang properly. Secondly there’s no shape; there’s no waist and it just hangs off me. But I decided to give it another go, this time without interfacing.

Dove Hem.jpg
I’m pleased with the curve of the hem


I’m honestly pleased with my sewing; I think it was quite precise for me and I think I used my overlocker well. I do like that there is some topstitching possible with this pattern and I think I did it well.

Dove me.jpg
Apologies for the grainy photo, the light just wouldn’t shine!

I’ll admit my fuck up here: the last time I sewed this pattern I adjusted it and didn’t remember this time. If you look at my last post you’ll see that the front and back don’t line up properly so I lined them up. This meant that the armholes were way off. I tride to fix it, but it clearly was futile!

Dove Back.jpg

Even without the arm situation I doubt I would have worn this top, and that’s ok. This wasn’t a waste of time, I did some good sewing and learned that this pattern just isn’t for me. I think the pattern is well drafted and the instructions clear so if it’s something that interests you I’d recommend it!


I guess this is my first sewing failure of the year!


7 thoughts on “Megan Nielson’s Dove Blouse in White

  1. Thats too bad. Its strange how sometime things work, and sometimes they just don’t. While I try not to let the fear of ruining fabric weigh me down, it happens. I once destroy some Atelier Brunette fabric I was in love, and I knew I wouldnt wear the dress I had made out of it despite others saying it looked fine. You know immediately when you’ll enjoy wearing something or not. At least the silver lining is that, since you know how to sew, you can always try again!!! (If its worth it!) 🙂


  2. Aaargh, I’m crying for you and it’s SILK too! It looks crepey which is really tricky but would possibly have been a basic you could tuck in? If you wanted to have another go – here’s what I’d suggest… Lift the shoulders up and pinch out the amount needed from the shoulder seam to shorten the armhole – no biggy. Unpick the facings because they are a bit difficult to control seeing as the fabric is shifty. Replace the facings with a lovely turned bias finish and if all else fails – wear this scrummy SILK to bed!! I think GRainline recently did a great post on bias finishes. Good Luck x

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    1. Thank you for the advice! Don’t worry it’s not silk it’s a super-cheap-god-only-knows-what from a market!
      This is why I love the sewing community everyone gives encouragement and advice!!
      Honestly the pattern just isn’t what I want!


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