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Sewing Failures

I’d already written this post before I saw Sew RED-y’s post on Fail must be kismet!


So after my most recent failed Dove top I was looking at my wardrobe when I noticed three tops that I never wear, all were made in the last year or so, and I avoid wearing all of them. To me that classifies them as failures! So, here are my recent enough sewing failures enjoy them with schadenfreude!

The Wardrobe of Shame

The Dove Tops

Tops 1 and 2 are covered in more depth but here’s why I don’t wear them: firstly I don’t particularly like the shape, I thought even with very light fabrics I’d like it but I don’t. Also the interfacing is too heavy in the teal and the facing doesn’t stay in place. I wore it once and avoided it ever since.

There’s just too much ease in this pattern for me to really like it!

Number 2 I’ve never worn, because of a massive mistake that gave me little armpit flaps! After this I’ve written off this pattern. These aren’t faults of the pattern but rather my own and my own personal tastes.



I thought this was my go to pattern, but looking at these two tops I’m struck with such a fitting issue; I desperately need a FBA. The pink one is a bit too twee for me anyway so it’s not a great loss…but the cats. Oh the cats! I adored this fabric and it kills me that I wasted it on something that I don’t really wear. I’ve a small amount left hopefully enough for a camisole.

Looking at these photos you can see the pulling and how much I NEED a FBA!


Cowl Neck

I realise that the reason I don’t wear this is that I don’t like cowl necks. That said I did work on my bias cut skills and it is a good professional top (a lot of what I own is very low cut) so it’s not worthless, but this isn’t something I’ll sew again.


So there you have it, fitting issues, sewing mistakes and changes in tastes means that these items likely won’t see the light of day! Except maybe the cat fabric, if I can salvage some of it I will.


19 thoughts on “Sewing Failures

  1. I am always interested when people share their failures – you see so many successes on sewing blogs it’s nice to have some balance! The Sorbetto was a complete and utter failure for me. Super short, boxy, weird af armhole and neckline that was falling off my shoulders. In the bin!

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      1. Sorbetto was the first top I made. Needless to say, the result was far from great.
        You can imagine how surprised I was when, this fall, I found myself contemplating making this top from Burda. It reminded me of something… But the fit and styling are a bit more up my alley. That said, I don’t know if it would look good on me and I have no solid plan to make it.


        1. That was my thought process, too. I think those learning experiences were very important. I’m glad I was able to sew some of those first projects with second-hand fabric. I’m prone to get fabric regrets. That, however, can lead to hoarding fabric for “better times” when I’m more skilled, find the perfect project, etc. And that’s a problem, not a strategy.

          You might be able to re-use the cat fabric Sorbetto in a garment you’ll find more wearable, but give it time. Fabrics like those look really good when broken up with a solid, I find. That takes some planning. Till then, the fabric is not “lost.” You learned something important, you used the fabric… and you might be able to re-use it if/when the right time comes 😉

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  2. No Schadenfreude here. I guess just a sense of relief that I’m not alone with my sewing goofs. I’ve definitely been there, and with tops especially. All kinds of issues come out, and finding the sweet spot of just enough ease is really tricky. Thanks for posting these. Between cringing and unpicking I usually leave myself no time for photos, and maybe I should because sharing these troubles is valuable.

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  3. At least you choose excellent fabric! Great colors. And, ahh, the pile of mistakes I have…so big. While I try not to dwell on them, I do think its important to go over mistakes in order to remember them, for technical reasons. It’s encouraging to read this post.


    1. Ha ha! That is a comfort. I mean I imagine I’ll take apart the cats and teal and work something out and the cowl will get worn when I need to look ‘profesional’. This was actually a good learning exercise, learning why I don’t like wearing these items and admitting my mistakes. Hopefully this will minimise future mistakes!

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  4. Whoah total fate right there, huh? Thanks for sharing your fails! I made one Sorbetto and it was a bomb for me, too. There seems to be a theme…. but again, it was a great learning experience. It was my first time sewing binding as a trim on the outside and I made my own bias tape for it, too! It’s long been donated, though.

    Bummer about the fails, but now you’re learning what works for you and what you prefer. A total must for a good sewist!


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