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Another Méilot

I fear this may become a ‘thing’ as this is my second completed Méilot without any real plans of stopping (I even have more fabric bought and earmarked!)! For this project I chose a very lightweight black probaly poly fabric. It’s almost see-through, very light and creases like crazy!


Again I added no pockets to this top, just a personal choice really and I went with the collar and button placket of version B with the sleeves of version A. Unlike my last version I decided to go with buttons however I did change the placket slightly. I need to work on topstitching something like that down and I didn’t want to risk wavy stitching so I overlocked it and then topstitched it straight down (I also interfaced!).


Again I used my overlocker to finish off all seams, I really am getting much better at both threading and using it! There was one very scary moment near the end of the project where I thought I’d accidentally hacked of an important piece of fabric, but thankfully I hadn’t.

While I am very proud of my white Méilot I wasn’t thrilled about the cuffs, especially the plackets. They’re prefect acceptable and functional, but that’s about it! So for this shirt I really wanted to improve on the plackets. I decided for this I needed a starch spray. This spray is magical, it makes the fabric slightly stiffer and also lets it hold a crease. The plackets turned out much better than last time, and what’s more I really got a better understanding as to how they’re put together. I will absolutely be using this spray in the future!

I’ve altered the contrast a little so you can see the stitching. It’s far from perfect, but I’m honestly so proud.

Honestly the hardest part of this project was working up the enthuiasm to do the button holes. It’s really been a while since I’ve done any, so the importance of them along with their tedious nature really put me off doing them. Also, I admit that I lost my confidence here: I showed a friend a picture of the almost finished top and they asked ‘what’s that’ and ‘what’s that for’. They weren’t being malicious, far from it, but it hit my confidence.

So I delayed making the button holes out of fear of doing it wrong. In the end I did it one morning and I’m pleased with the results. The buttons are pale pink and from a small shop in Paris that sold a little of everything but a lot of vintage sewing supplies. It was an adorable shop and I wanted something to remember it by.

It was only when I’d finished and was wearing the shirt out that I realised this flaw! I stitched a popper in to prevent this from happening in the wild!

Overall I’m really pleased with this project, the hemming wasn’t great but it’s functional and I hate hemming enough not to do it again. One thing struck me as I tried the shirt on near the end, is that the sleeves are a fraction too short on me. Well, the’re not really, but I like a little extra length in sleeves…even though I always wear them rolled up! I think this may be a ‘TNT’ pattern!



4 thoughts on “Another Méilot

  1. It’s lovely. Versatile, understated, I wish I could steal it 😉
    Great idea with the hidden closure at the bust. Now, that I might actually steal if I ever manage to actually sew myself a shirt rather than just talk about it.

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  2. Super shirt, the fit is great on you, my Mélilot turned out very baggy so need to try again, black looks great with the contrast buttons.


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