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My Sewing Stash

I love looking through other people’s stashes so I thought I’d do a quick post on my supplies. Instead of covering the basics to the slightly less basic of sewing machine, iron, overlocker, dummy scisors etc I thought I’d focus on the more sentimental or fun items I have.

A while back I posted on instagram a picture of my great-grandmother’s sewing machine. Its a truly beautiful piece from 1915. It accepts modern needles (thank god) but not bobbins. It can only straight stich but it does so perfectly and accepts modern feet. Tension and presser foot tension can also be adjusted.


The bobins are cylinder shaped and clearly don’t fit in modern machines. This means I have to wind them using the hand crank! Unfortunately I don’t really use this machine, I keep it out and displayed but it never gets exercised. I’ve thought of using it for topstitching but the ease of my machine always wins! Still it’s a beautiful piecce of my sewing equipment, and I adore the Sphinx decal on it.

An empty and full bobbin.

I have a few scissors, the most recent of which my father gave me. He was watching me cut out fabric when he remembered that he had a tailor’s shears that belonged to his great-grandfather, a tailor! The’ve since been sharpened (after at least fifty years of being used for everything but fabric!) and I now use them. They look so old and worn and I love that they’re at least 125 years old but that they’re still used for sewing.


Just to finish off this, here are four quick pictures of some fabrics and notions etc!

So what do other people have in their stash that makes them happy? Does anybody else have family ‘heirlooms’ etc?


13 thoughts on “My Sewing Stash

  1. Wow you have some gorgeous antique sewing supplies. I love the sewing box and the sewing machine, they’re so lovely! If you like vintage sewing I have a giveaway to win a vintage pattern of your choice on my blog – definitely worth checking out 🙂

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  2. Wow! I LOVE the vintage Singer and sewing box!
    What a precious collection!

    I don’t have vintage stuffs.. I would like! All the stuff I have, I’ve bought it myself when I start to sew.
    But, my mom has a vintage sewing machine for my great-grandmother. And I like looking at it since I am little!

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