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More Safran Jeans

I am having a love affair with Deer and Doe these days. These are my third safran jeans (versions 1 and 2), and easily my best yet.

SF front black.jpg

The fabric was bought in Amsterdam it’s an almost black stretch denim I think it was €10 a meter and I bought 1.5. It’s actually a little thin for jeans I think, but I only noticed this when I tried them on! It’s not really an issue and I can easily imagine a RTW pair made of similar fabric.

safran black.jpg

When I made the first and second pair I used a size 40, this was because I wasn’t sure what size to make and I’d put on a bit of weight so I played it safe. Because  I’d taken them in so much, this time I felt confident going down a size, so I retraced off a 38. Overall I really like the fit, the fabric has slightly less stretch than recommended I think but I can still happily move. They are proper skinny jeans that are still comfortable and they don’t dig into my stomach when sitting down. I’m happy to make them in this size again although I may lengthen the leg slightly.

Despite a few mistakes with the pockets (I should have paid more attention!) actual construction went smoothly. I had planned to wash my other pair to check sizing, it was a great idea but it didn’t happen. I basted the legs together and the fit was perfect, if anything a little tight!

Safran 2 pocket.jpg
Here you can see my surprisingly decent topstitching accesorized with cat hair.

In my last post I was asked if my machine struggled with the denim at all and I happily replied no. I wish it were true this time. While my machine was fine with the denim and all the layres it struggled with layers and the topstitching thread. There were a lot of skipped stitches over thicker parts (seams etc) which was fustrating as my topstitching was so visible. The real problem was the waistband, it was here that for the first time my machine failed me; in simply wouldn’t stitch with the topsitiching thread. I even tried my grandmother’s sewing machine, thinking that because it’s cast iron it wouldn’t have a problem. In the end I had to give up and I topstitched with black thread that doesn’t show.

SF black back.jpg

This was really disappointing as aside from that everything was near perfect. This is one of the few items I’ve made where I don’t see mistakes everywhere. I doubt anyone will really notice the lack of topsitiching on the waistband, but I do and that’s what fustrates me!

Aside from the waistband I am so proud of these jeans and myself. These are only my third pair (only!) but they really fit.I think I may take a break from Safran and give Ginger a try, The Monthly Stitch’s March challenge should be perfect for this.


8 thoughts on “More Safran Jeans

  1. Honestly, that waistband looks all right to me! I think the Safran pattern really lends itself to minimal detailing. Think of it as freedom from the tyranny of RTW design 😉 That’s how I think of it at least. The fit looks great, as does the cat hair. The latter is what I tell myself about my own clothes, btw.

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  2. Oh wow, they look really good – well done!! It looks like you’ve worked really hard to get a good fit with these being your 3rd pair, but it’s definitely paid off. I can definitely see why you’re wearing these ones a lot – I would be too!

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  3. The Safrans look so good on you! And 3 pairs? You are rocking it! I still need to get off my bum and make a second pair of jeans. :-p

    p.s. Cat hair makes the perfect accessory!

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