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Salme Double Layer Cami Review

I planned to have this made a posted earlier, but honestly University is quietly crushing me with the workload and by the evenings I’m too tired to enjoy sewing!


Recently I wrote about the serious wardrobe gap and my attempt to fix it. Alas the black bias camisole was not for me. I did some research (google) and found what I thought could be the solution. What I want is a slight v-necked very loose cami top that has darts. It’s surprisingly harder to find a pattern for it than one would expect, and having never drafted before I couldn’t simple ‘whip up a pattern,’ but in the end I found the Salme Double Layer Cami which ticked all the right boxes.

This pattern uses very little fabric, I easily fit mine into one meter of fabric. This fabric was from Self Assembly Required’s giveaway a while back. I like it enough to wear, but not so much that I’d be heartbroken if I ruined it.


I made no adjustment to the pattern except for the rouleau. The. Goddamn. Rouleau. It’s on my list of things to work on, and goddamnit do I remember why. I absolutely could not turn it inside out, nor do I have any idea how people achieve that with narrow strips. In the end I gave up and folded it so the raw edges were enclosed and topstitched.


I used my overlocker to hem the end. It’s quite cool and leave a blind hem and is ideal for the lazy seamstress but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it in the future!

I like this pattern a lot, and I can see it being ‘the one’ I want to add a bit to the sides so it’s not a tight-fitting but that should be relatively straight forward. I’m actually planning to try to salvage fabrics from my failures! Regarding the pattern itself, I can’t comment on the instructions as I didn’t really read them, but the drafting is good (in my limited experience!) and I’d be very happy to buy from this company again.



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  1. Your camisole looks lovely and a wardrobe staple, I might need to try this pattern as I made the free Diane camisole from Sew loft which is lovely but the back different.

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  2. I love your camisole! As far as the rouleaus go, have you tried turning them with a… I don’t know what it’s called… loop turner? It’s skinny and metal and has a hook on the end to attach to the end of your fabric and pulls it through the tube, turning it right-side-out easily. I have one and although it can be fiddly, I’ve had success. But your solution works just as well!

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