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Harriet Bra

I really love lingerie, like really love it, so it pains me that I’ve never been able to sew it for myself. I knew the main bra patterns but I never took the plunge and bought them (I do have the Bare Necessities bra sewing book), partly because there were either wireless or didn’t cater to my size, or didn’t quite asthetically please me. So when the Harriet Bra came out I was a little curious. What really sold it for me was Rebel Angel’s review, Sian is a bit like myself (small band, large cup) so I trusted her endorsement.

H Front.jpg
I thought long and hard about posting picture of myself in the bra, mostly because of how useful I find them regarding fit, but I’m just not comfortable doing it. So on my prettiest IKEA hanger, here is my bra!

I decided to buy a kit for this, again I did some research. I didn’t want to buy from the US/Canada as I hate paying for customs (next month I think CETA should come into effect though…?) and high shipping so I looked for places in Europe. From comparing prices and shipping costs I decided on Elise Patterns.

Harriet Front.jpg

I think they’ve a great selection at reasonable prices (of course I made a mistake in the order and had to email them but there were lovely and helpful). But the kit is brilliant, shipping was fair, and the kit has everything needed. There’s more lace and power mesh than expected so there’s enough for me to make a matching pair of knickers too. They’ve a  really good selection (no they don’t pay me!) so I’ll be buying from them in the future.

I really love the eyelash lace.

The pattern is clear, as are the instructions, but sewing a bra is fucking hard. I made my usual size of a 30F and following the instructions with little deviation.Despite never having finished a bra before I actually know exactly how to sew one I’ve tried to many times! My machine hated the lace and kept skipping stitches with the elastic. I took a break from this bra and came back to it once my patience was restored (!) and finished it.

H back detail.jpg
You should be able to see the skipped stitches, proof that my machine also did not like this bra!

I’m so proud of myself for finishing this wearable bra. It’s far from perfect sewing wise, skipped stitches and a little bit of wonky lining up exist but it’s done. Unfortunately the fit isn’t right, it’s not uncomfortable but it cuts across my chest creating the lovely ‘quadraboob’. This should be relatively easy to fix and I just need to add a bit more room between the lower and upper cup pieces.

Reviewing the pattern sizing, the 30 band is quite ‘secure’, which I really like but I would go up if you don’t like that. The cup apart from being to shallow, is very good on me and the wires hit where they should. So I would recommend this for small band full bust people.

As someone who loves lingerie making my first bra opens up so many possibilities, I can now have longline bras (a surprising challenge to find in an affordable F cup) and something covered in cats as opposed to cat hair for once. I can’t get ahead of myself, but this is quite exciting for me. Unfortunately my exams start soon so this goes on the ever growing list of ‘things I get to enjoy at the end of May’.







6 thoughts on “Harriet Bra

  1. It’s gorgeous! Someday I would like to make my own bra, it looks like you can do fantastic things. It also looks a little scary. How would you rate bra making in difficulty?


    1. I would say that it’s no more difficult than sewing a sleeve placket with fiddly fabric and no starch spray! So, a lot of lining up (SO many pins!) and precise sewing. I found it easier to sew jeans. The fit is the hardest part I think rather than the sewing, and with bras you can’t really try them on as you make them.

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  2. It looks amazing! You’ve done a fab job, I made 2 changing little bits each time and my third and forth are fab, this is the first bra pattern I’ve used and although it was clear it was fiddly to sew, changing my needle helped with the skipped stitches a bit but I still have some.


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