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Deer and Doe Hoya

The blog has been quiet recently as has my sewing life. Unfortunately I have exams coming up and until then I have to put sewing on the back burner. This was made over several sewing sessions when ever I was too tired to study but too awake to binge on Netflix.

When I saw Deer and Doe’s newest collection I knew Hoya would be mine. I’d actually been admiring a similar blouse in a shop a week earlier. I’d originally planned to not go near it until after my exams but I needed a break. It reminds me of Sew Over It’s Anderson blouse which I wanted but avoided due to the horror stories I’d heard of the fitting.

Hoya Front Closer.jpg

Aside from the free Plantain top this is Deer and Doe’s first pdf pattern collection. The collection has an incredibly large size range, which is good, I’m a UK 10 but I was at the upper end of their sizing chart. They actually allow you to print only one size out which is quite cool if unlike me you can figure that out!

Hoya Back.jpg

I made a 38, this is meant to be quite a loose fitting top but due to the extra ease in it I sized down as while I like a loose top I don’t want a tent.  The fitting is actually lovely and I like how the fabric falls. I followed their instructions and picked out a drapey fabric. It’s a super cheap probably-poly from the Utrecht fabric market.

Hoya front.jpg

An important note on the fitting, this top is very low cut, and I say this as someone who lives in low cut tops. This is something a lot of the reviews mentioned and Deer and Doe have a tutorial on how to raise the neckline. This really isn’t a problem for me, but I think I’m the exception here.

This is just to illustrate how low cut this is, even though the camera is below me it can *just* catch sight of my bra.

Deer and Doe’s instructions were fine, I’d no idea what they were going on about with the neck band but it it all came together in the end. The pattern is really well drafted and comes together well but I didn’t really follow the instructions. I didn’t use the hem band because I don’t like them. I think it’s mostly because of the Dove failures. I also omitted the sleeves. This wasn’t a plan but laziness; the fabric was fraying like crazy and I lost my patience tying to ease the sleeve in. I finished all the seams with the overlocker and did the same with the hem.

Hoya inside out.jpg
I always love seeing the inside of people’s makes so here it is! I bias bound the armholes and used an overlocker for everything else.

This is quite a simple pattern but I really, really like it. I love the drape and how it’s loose without being unflattering. It reminds me of Gillian Anderson in The Fall, which is, of course, the dream. I’m picturing this in white, similar fabric to my Méilot shirt. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the lovely silks I recently acquired, I can absolutely imagine this top being perfect for this! I also have some lovely knit fabric that I think would work well but it would mean redrafting the sleeve head which I’ve never done before so that my also end up being sleeveless!


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