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Hoya Take Two


Hoya has quickly become one of my favourite blouses ever and I knew this almost from the moment I finished it. I think the day after I finished my first one I was already cutting out my second!

Hoya Cats.jpg

For my second I decided to go with something a little different. I eliminated the collar and made it out of a knit fabric. I bought this fabric about a year ago, but recently I prefer blouses over Tshirts so I never used it. I decided to try and use it for  Hoya.

Eliminating the collar was easy, I simply added seam allowance to the fold line and cut that out. Then I followed the instructions. As before I didn’t add sleeves nor did I use the hem facing. I think I should have cut the back out twice as I think the weight of the front causes a bit of distortion but I don’t think it’s too bad…

Cats Hoys side.jpg
Apologies that I’ve no photos of it untucked but it looks just like the other one!

This fabric was a nightmare to use. I gave up trying to use a twin needle and just used a zigzag stitch for topstitching. I think the hemming took about eight attempts. My major issue was the bulk across the front that no amount of pressing would reduce. In the end I just said ‘fuck it’ and moved on.

I love this top it’s not as low-cut for my first one, thankfully, and sits quite nicely I think. The more  I wear my original the more I’ve concluded it needs a slight FBA. There’s just a little bit of tightness at the armpits/bust that I think a little bit of room would be nice!

I really think I’ve found another pattern that’s so ‘me’. I’m really trying to dress a bit better while still being comfortable. I think Deer and Doe’s style is very much what I’m looking for in regards to this, especially with the Meilot and Safran Jeans.



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