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Me Made May 2017

If you follow me on instagram you may notice how little I posted regarding Me Made May. This is largely because May is my exam month. What this means is I’ve many days trapped in my home studying (in my pyjamas) and other days waking up at ungodly hours for exams in the city center during rush hour. None of this makes me want to put much effort into how I dress and the changing season has left me a little confused in what to wear. It’s too warm for tights but not warm enough to be bare legged….so the end result is no skirts! Anyway! I did try to wear me-made when I felt like. So I’ve included some pictures as well as an assessment of what I think I either missing out on or items that I don’t seem to wear.

Jeans, I love my third Safran jeans, they’re slightly too short but in the nice weather that looks intentional! I’m thrilled with them and I’ve bought more fabric to make another pair.

The only other me-made bottom was the sew over it tulip skirt. I only really wore this because I was abroad during 30 degrees. I’d actually forgotten how much I liked it. Like I really see why I made and it it’s such a flattering shape. I need to wear it more.

Hoya and Sew over It.jpg

The Hoya blouses were a hit and I really enjoyed wearing them. As is the salme camisole. I really need to make more camisoles as they are something that I really do wear regularly.

Me Made May 2017 1

I am lacking lounge wear although I have just finished making something on that front so I’ll have a post up on that. I think what MMM17 really emphasised is how I reach for the same things again and again. The RTW blazer above I have in two different colours because it fits my style so well. So while it doesn’t make for great blogging using the same patterns again and again seems to be the best way for me to build up a solid wardrobe.