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Ohh Lulu Evelyn Romper

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the beautiful silks I was given as a present. One was this lovely pale pink silk that I knew would be perfect lounge wear. I really want to be one of those women who look amazingly glamorous lounging around the house so I’ve been trying to make that work for me. Ohh Lulu’s romper seemed to be perfect for me.

Having finally finished my exams I dedicated my first summer project to be a bias cut silk romper. Why I thought bias cut silk would be a good project after a sewing break I will never know, but thankfully everything turned out well. I’m trying to take my time with projects through sewing slower and fixing any mistakes. I have to say I’m really pleased with this project.

Romper Front.jpg
This was difficult to photograph as it doesn’t go on the model and I’m too shy to wear it!

I wasn’t planning to toile this but looking at the pattern pieces it looked small so quickly sewed a toile then added three inches to the middle! Having finished the project I think I maybe should have also sized up but I’m very pleased with this project ( I sewed the small, the pattern measurements are almost exactly mine).

Romper Back.jpg

Sarah’s instructions were very clear, although this is a simple project, and the pattern pieces matched up perfectly. This pattern really comes together very well.

Romper Binding.jpg
I’m pleased with how even my stitching is on the binding especially as it’s so visible. You can see how sheer the silk is here as well.

Sewing wise I used french seams everywhere except the gusset where I used my overlocker. The fabric slipped when I was cutting it so I need the extra seam allowance hence why I didn’t use french seams. The front pieces are finished with bias tape as are the straps. I chose to use a contrast pre made tape, mostly because I’m lazy and did not want to deal with making silk bias tape! For the hem I chose to do a hand rolled hem. I’d done this before ages ago but I particularly pleased with how well it turned out (especially as I was a little tipsy doing some of it!). I really want to improve my hand sewing as it can really add to a project.

Rolled Hem.jpg
The hem is far from perfect but I’m really pleased with how it turned out

The silk is so, so soft it’s really a dream to wear. It is also however very sheer meaning it’s fine for on your own but I do also wear a little robe when venturing in front of people!

On the whole this project is almost exactly as I imagined and I’m really so pleased with it. It’s a perfect start to the summer!



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