Sewing for Cat…People

I’m a 20-something University student studying something boring by day and by late afternoon a seamstress with a real love of cats.

I started sewing in July 2015 because of an unexplainable urge to sew something for the first time since my barely touched sewing machine was abandoned almost 10 years earlier. I was a complete beginner and since then I’ve been addicted. I decided to write a blog for several reasons, first of all being that I bore far to many people talking about sewing and secondly because I was lonely. Despite many people humouring me and letting me drone on about woven vs knits, there was nobody talking to me about that.
So this is my attempt to engage with other like minded people and join in the fun everyone seemed to be having. This blog will focus on my sewing, looking at what I’ve recently sewn and what I currently am. I also have a real desire to sew my own  lingerie, so as time goes by there will be posts on that.
With that in mind I’d love your comments/questions/critiques/general input into my blog.
I LOVE getting emails so please do contact me sewingforcatpeople@gmail.com